UGREEN is a consumer electronics product brand based in China. It specializes in USB hardware including but not limited to USB-C to USB-C cord, AC adapters, charging wires, audio equipment, etc. Their products are durable, ingenious, of top quality, and extremely reliable.

This article will dive deeper into UGREEN’s USB C devices and prove that they’re the best model out there. By the end of the article, you’ll be an informed buyer of the same.

Why Choose UGREEN

There are varied reasons to choose UGREEN products, ranging from their supreme quality to unfailing durability. The longevity of the items is the top reason to buy UGREEN products. They’re also incredibly affordable meaning that your one-time investment in UGREEN devices will never go to waste.

UGREEN has been known to deliver what they promise in their products which is the reason for their market dominance. UGREEN carries rigorous quality checks on any of their devices which ensures that the top-notch products are delivered to the customers at their doorsteps. Customer satisfaction remains and has always been the priority of UGREEN.

UGREEN Products

Following are some of the bestselling products of UGREEN which are worth checking:

100-Watt Thunderbolt 3 USB-C cable

UGREEN’s 100-Watt Thunderbolt 3 USB C to C cable is a technological innovation for sure! It can support up to 40 Gbps information transmission, 100-Watt power charging speed along with up to 5K Ultra HD video resolution output; a master of all trades indeed. The cherry on top of the cake is that it is compatible with a wide range of brands, ranging from Dell to Apple, and Lenovo to Samsung.

100-Watt PD fast charging cable

Gone are the days when people had to wait for 5 hours to get their phones completely charged. With UGREEN’s 100-Watt PD Fast Charging Cable, you can charge your laptops, cell phones, and tablets safely, efficiently, securely, and quickly. In addition to that, the 6X durable nylon braided wires ensure that the wires remain detangled and flexible. With 20 V 50 A power charging output, it saves time immensely in this fast-moving world.

Right angle 100 watts USB-C cable

The number of USB C cables that get damaged or have to be replaced because of bent wires near the output plate, is immense. To combat this issue, UGREEN has come up with its Right Angle 100 Watts USB C cables. The innovative 90 degrees L design facilitates a more comfortable approach to charging, data transfer, reading documents, and playing games among others.

Why These Are Better Than Others

Owing to their sleek and modular designs as well as their longevity and performance, UGREEN products always take the lead when compared to other devices in the technological market. In addition to that, a quick and responsible customer care team ensures that UGREEN’s customers are treated like royalty.


In a nutshell, UGREEN’s rising dominance in the technological market is swaying buyers to purchase their products. UGREEN’S products are highly recommended and their fresh, innovative and convenient designs are changing the way tech products are used.


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